Mexican Politician Burnt To Death Over WhatsApp Rumours

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A Mexican politician has been burnt alive by a mob after rumours accusing him of child kidnapping began to spread on WhatsApp like wildfire.

Daniel Picazo, 31, was visiting the town of Papatlazolco in the state of Puebla when he was attacked and beaten by an angry mob numbering over 200.

According to BBC, local media said Mr Picazo was visiting his grandfather's house in Papatlazolco when rumours began to spread on local WhatsApp group chats that he was involved in the kidnapping of a child. 

The mob is said to have cornered and attacked and Mr Picazo and his two companions, before dragging him to a local field and set on fire.

Though the local police intervened and placed him in their patrol vehicle, they were quickly overwhelmed by the mob who set him ablaze.

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Local authorities later recovered his body, describing the attack as an act of "barbarism".

In a statement, the city council said it "strongly disapproves this act and reiterates that criminal behaviour must be judged under the procedures of our rule of law."

"The competent authorities are already investigating what happened to determine responsibility," the council added.

However, local media reports that the authorities are yet to arrest anyone in connection with the killing.

Mr Picazo served as an advisor in Mexico's legislative body, the Chamber of Deputies, until March 2022.

Mob justice is nothing new inmany parts of Mexico, most especially in the remote areas where it take the police time to reach. Mr Picazo is the second person to be lynched in the state of Puebla this year.

Some time in 2019, seven people were beaten and burned alive by a mob in the state.

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