How to Connect Multiple Devices on Different Networks

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Practically, this will depend on your purpose of connecting multiple devices together. If the computers have internet access, then there are numerous options for you. You could use a P2P software, a remote access software such as TeamViewer or you could set up a VPN. On the other hand, if you don’t have internet, then you could set up a satellite link or install an internet. Other options would be to connect them physically together, change the network configuration to allow them to communicate, or you could choose to place them on the same network.

Do you want to connect three or more computers? This can be done physically by using a crossover Ethernet cable. Be sure to choose the best Ethernet cable and plug them into a specific device that permits the signals to be transported to one another. There are various devices that you can use in order to accomplish this. You can either use a router, switch, or hub.

Devices for Connecting Multiple Computers

So, what are the differences between a hub, switch, and router?

The function of a hub is to repeat the signals that were acquired. The hub does not recognize which computers are connected to it. Additionally, it is not capable of doing any network processing that comes from the destination or source computer. Basically, a hub is a device that permits you to add other computers to your network.

A switch is just the same with a hub. The only difference is that it will store the IP addresses of the computers connected to it. Messages that are received will only be sent to its intended recipient. Switches can help in reducing any unnecessary traffic broadcasts and provides you with a high-performance network.

On the other hand, a router is much the same with a switch, except that it offers more useful networking functions. Just like a switch, a router permits you to create a home network. But unlike a switch, a router is capable of separating networks permitting you to share your Internet access without relying on a computer's connection. You can even plug your printer to the router so any computer on the network can access it.

Use a VPN for Connecting Multiple Devices Simultaneously

You can install a VPN for multiple devices if you want to connect several machines together simultaneously.  Perhaps you want to connect multiple devices in the office or at home. Unfortunately, some VPN providers only permit one connection at a time. This means that you have to get rid of one device so you can make room for another. 

Perhaps you might want to connect your laptop and phone simultaneously. Or maybe two persons might want to use the VPN so they can stream Netflix at the same time. Perhaps you want your employees to use VPN but you don’t want to pay for separate subscriptions for everyone. When these circumstances occur, you’ll be needing multiple simultaneous connections. When choosing VPN providers, look for the ones that can provide you between one to six connections simultaneously.

How to Connect Multiple Computers Wirelessly?

If you have two or three computers, then you can create a wireless network. At the same time, an Access Point is not required since the network will run in peer-to-peer mode. Nevertheless, for more than three computers, the network must run on an infrastructure modem which means that an Access Point will be required.

The advantage of an Access Point is that it will permit you to extend the distance between your computers without losing connectivity. Up to 20 computers will be allowed for every Access Point. All you have to do is simply plug the device into your broadband-connected computer. Then, you can choose to share your Internet connection with any computer. Keep in mind that an access point is different from a router.

Furthermore, connecting this directly to a router can enhance the flexibility of your network. If you choose to do this, then you will no longer depend on a particular computer when it comes to internet access or firewall protection. Or it would be much better if you get a  wireless router, which is a combination of these two devices.  Having a wireless router is like having four products in one, router, print server, wireless access point, and 3 port Ethernet switch. Most of all, a wireless router offers you maximum performance, flexibility, and functionality.


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