Free App Sales: Get These 58 Paid Play Store Apps For Free

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Our Thursday free app sales are here as a free download for a limited period of time on the Google Play Store. Just you know, those are Play Store applications that require you to pay some amount of money before making any download but will stay free according to the time set by the developers.

In our usual way, we combed the Play Store for discounted applications, and also apps like AppSales. So in today's list, we have 58 Google Play Store apps and games that cover categories in utility, productivity, gaming, lifestyle, education, and more categories.   

Some of these apps will stay free for just a few hours, a day, and some up to several days. But then, any application that you get to download will remain free even when the free download period elapses. So take advantage of this free app sale, go through the list and download as many apps that you can.

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  1. ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro ) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  2. Unit Converter (Pega Pro) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $7.49
  3. ProShot Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  4. Correlate – Health Diary and L Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  5. Business Calculator Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  6. Fractions Math Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. 80s Music Radio Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  8. Binary Calculator Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Matrix Determinant Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  10. Matrix Determinant Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  11. Sleep Faster, Meditation V2 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $8.49
  12. Panographic Photo Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  13. Kaori After Story Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  14. 150X Duplicate Remover Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  15. VPN PRO Pay once for lifetime Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $7.49
  16. Spelling Check PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  17. Logarithm Calculator Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  18. Memorize: Learn Japanese Words Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  19. Memorize: Learn SAT Vocabulary Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  20. Temperature Converter Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  21. Learn Korean Words Quiz V2 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $8.49
  22. Smart Loan Calculator V2 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $8.4
  23. EVP Phone Spirit Box Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99


  1. Live or Die: Survival Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. Evertale Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Cartoon Craft Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  4. Zombie Age 3 Premium: Survival Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  5. Pixel Blade M VIP Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  6. Monster Killer Pro – Shooter Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Dungeon Corp. P (Idle RPG) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  8. Demon Warrior Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Castle Defender Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  10. Secret Tower VIP (IDLE RPG) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  11. Decimal to Fraction Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  12. Legend of the Moon Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Legend Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  14. Magnetic Balls HD Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  15. Final Castle Defence:Idle RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  16. Infinity Highway Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  17. Merge City Premium -Home decor Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  18. World War 3 – Tower Defense Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  19. Subway Jungle Run Surf Runner Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $10.99
  20. Special Elite force Mission Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $7.99
  21. iLinear – Draw Your Path Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  22. G’Luck! – 2D platformer game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  23. Murphy Laws Guessing Game PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  24. Terry’s Halloween Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  25. Brain Game – Find5x 4P Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49

Icon apps & customization:

  1. Mavon – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  2. Ramka – Icon pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  3. Oscuro Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  4. Luwix – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  5. Rentrox – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  6. Rumber – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  7. Souron – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  8. Sorun – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Awf Classic 2 – watch face Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  10. Awf Ladies RUN – watch face Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49

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