4 ways to pick your lotto numbers

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Globally, there are millions of lotto players every week hoping for divine intervention or channelling a stream of consciousness that could pay dividends in the world of lotto numbers. While no technique or strategy will miraculously land you the main prize, it can be fun to devise a method you use to choose your numbers.


Whether you believe in superstition or you are looking to use numbers that are close to your heart, we will explore a few ways people use to choose their lotto numbers. In addition, some lotto players will try to gain inspiration from predictions that players make – you can check the lunchtime prediction for today, but it is just a game of pure luck.


Numerical sequence


Although some gamblers might think that six random numbers can come out, you are just as likely to hit a sequence as any other random combination. So, for example, thousands of people choose their lotto numbers as 1,2,3,4,5,6 or different sequential combinations, maybe in reverse order or groups of even and odd numbers. There are many potential outcomes.


So many people aim for a numerical sequence, not for any mathematical and strategic advantage. As we have already discussed, there's no such thing as a strategy in lotto gaming.


For some people, it is a force of habit – they are used to putting on this run of numbers and it is easy to remember. There isn't some grand plan or technique, it's just one of many ways to place your bet.


Syndicate betting


If you don't fancy taking the full brunt of the financial hit if you're putting on a few lotto numbers, you can always pool your money with friends, family or work colleagues to bring your overall costs down over a period. Then, depending on the size of the syndicate and the amount of the prize money, you could win a sizable amount and pay a fraction of the cost for your bet.


Even though you won't scoop the total amount, you could still walk away with a few million in your pocket, which isn't the worst-case scenario by any stretch of the imagination. You can join a syndicate quickly at work through a WhatsApp group or other social media channels. This is the best-case scenario for some people, as it is the perfect balance of risk and reward.


Last year, a group of villagers in Antwerp won a collective amount of 143 million euros, equating to just over 800,000 euros each. While it would be nice to scoop the entire prize, you can improve the odds by pooling your money – and still land a fantastic sum.


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Your lucky numbers


Maybe you had a lucky night in the casino once, and the number 22 turned it into an unforgettable night, so it is always the first number you choose. Maybe your significant other half was born on the 7th of October, so you make sure that the numbers seven and 10 are also there.


These are just a couple of examples, and people probably use thousands, from door numbers to the ages of their close family and friends, and everything else that lies somewhere in between. It is one of the most popular methods people use to select numbers. While it brings no advantage, it can be a hit for lotto players who are superstitious or want a sequence of numbers that they remember easily.


Lucky dip


Last, we have the lucky dip – one of the most renowned ways to place your lotto numbers and probably the quickest. You can manually choose a random selection of numbers, or if you bet online, you can have a random number generator pick them for you.




If a lotto player places more than one bet on the same draw, they will often combine two or more of the options we have gone through today. There are plenty of other ways to choose your numbers, too. These aren't the only four options, but they are four of the most popular ones you will come across.


Gamblers are often superstitious, so connections to perceived lucky numbers or events are often one of the fundamental driving forces behind their lotto number choices. However, the harsh truth is that it doesn't matter what selection of numbers you choose; the odds of winning a significant amount are highly improbable, so ensure you have fun and don't take it too seriously.



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