Meta's Threads: A Step-By-Step Guide to Signup

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Meta's Threads, an Instagram app is here as an alternative to Twitter. So how do you signup and use this new social media platform? Read on.

Launched on July 6, Threads, Meta's latest standalone app, is fast becoming a notable player in the social media realm. Crafted by the Instagram team and tied directly to your Instagram account, Threads aims to be a hub for sharing text updates and engaging in public discussions, drawing parallels with Twitter's initial offerings.

Under the new leadership of Elon Musk, Twitter has shifted towards a more premium model with Twitter Blue subscription, leading to increased demand for alternatives. Enter Threads – a refreshing choice that brings the charm of concise posts (up to 500 characters), incorporating links, photos, GIFs, and videos up to five minutes long.

Already available for download on both iOS and Android in over 100 countries, Threads had a jaw-dropping 10 million users sign up within its first seven hours, and over 100 million users under a week! If you're keen on joining this burgeoning community, here's a quick guide on getting started.

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How To Signup for threads

Follow the below steps to signup for Threads

1. Download the Threads App

To begin, open the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your iPhone or Android device, search for "Threads", and download the free app. Alternatively, access Threads directly from your Instagram app by tapping the three lines in the top right corner to open Settings, then click "Threads".

2. Link Threads with Instagram

When you launch the Threads app, you will get a prompt to log in with your Instagram account, located at the bottom of the screen. For those that have multiple Instagram accounts, you can choose one of your accounts to link to Threads.

3. Set Up Your Profile

Next, you'll need to create a Threads profile with a picture, bio, and optional links. If you'd rather save time, opt to import your details from Instagram to automatically populate your Threads profile.

4. Choose Your Profile Type: Public or Private?

Threads then allows you to choose between a public or private profile. While public profiles are accessible to anyone on or off Threads, private accounts restrict access to only approved followers.

5. Start Following Accounts

You can automatically follow all accounts you're currently connected with on Instagram, or manually select whom to follow on Threads. If you follow an account that hasn't yet joined Threads, they'll be labeled as "pending" until they register.

Note: One crucial point to bear in mind: deleting your Threads account currently results in your linked Instagram account's removal as well. As with most social media platforms, be aware that Meta does track user activity on Threads.

How to Create a Post on Threads

Now your account is ready to go. Follow these steps to create a post on Threads.

Explore the homepage, follow more accounts, and start posting your own Threads. If your feed includes accounts you don't follow, you can change your settings following this guide. Enjoy discovering the world of Threads.

1. Anywhere that you are on the Threads app, tap on the Create icon at the centre bottom of your screen to reveal the Threads creation screen.
2. Now you can type whatever you have on your mind in the text area on your screen. If your text doesn't fit the area, click on Add to Thread to create a new text block.
3. Click on Anyone can reply located at the bottom left corner of your thread creation. This way, you can decide who can reply to your threads. You can also limit replies to only Threads users following you, or people you mention, leave it open to the entire public.

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