Google is Testing a New GBoard Feature That Can Recover Deleted Text

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Google is set to revolutionize text entry on Android with its GBoard app by testing a novel 'Undo' feature that resurrects deleted text. Emulating the convenience of desktop operating systems, this fresh addition to GBoard is intended to enhance the user typing experience.

This development, as reported by 9to5Google, is currently being evaluated in the latest GBoard beta version. However, details regarding its public release remain undisclosed.

Developer rkbdi, as mentioned by Akos Paha, indicated that the 'Undo' button is presently operational in the new GBoard beta but falls under a disabled flag. This new feature is expected to be situated in the overflow buttons within GBoard's settings.

Intriguingly, Google's recent introduction of customization options for the overflow menu enables users to bring the 'Undo' button to a higher, more accessible level. However, its final deployment might showcase a more user-friendly and accessible iteration.

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How Does the 'Undo' Button Function?

Emulating the functionality of the "Control+Z" or "Command+Z" feature of desktop operating systems, the 'Undo' button is designed to recover deleted text recently entered into a text field. The demo video illustrates how a simple tap on the 'Undo' button in the overflow menu can recall recently deleted text.

As per 9to5Google's report, Google plans to extend this feature throughout the system, enhancing typing efficiency wherever GBoard is used. Whether it's a search bar text field or a third-party app, the 'Undo' button promises to be a game-changer, provided GBoard is set as the default keyboard.

GBoard's 'Undo' Feature: An Addition, Not a Debut

While this feature marks the debut of the 'Undo' button on GBoard, the undo function itself isn't new to Google. Google Workspace apps, including the note-taking app 'Keep', have long benefitted from undo and redo buttons.

Earlier this year, Google unveiled a customizable toolbar for GBoard. It empowered users to tailor the toolbar, appearing above the keyboard, according to their needs. They could simply drag and drop the most frequently used features from the overflow menu. The update also allowed users to remove the voice typing microphone button from the toolbar if deemed unnecessary.


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