Tinder Debuts Innovative "Friend Test" Feature for Match Suggestions

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Tinder Friend Test feature

In a move to enhance user experience, Tinder introduces a unique feature that allows you to put your potential matches through a "friend test." This new functionality enables you to invite friends and family to the app, even if they don't have a Tinder account, for the purpose of recommending potential matches for you.

"For years, singles have asked their friends to help their next match on Tinder, and now we're making that so easy with Tinder Matchmaker," says Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing  Officer at Tinder. "Tinder Matchmaker brings your circle of trust into your dating journey and helps you see the possibilities you might be overlooking from the perspective of those closest to you."

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How Does Tinder Friend Test Feature work?

You can share an exclusive link with up to 15 friends within a 24-hour period. These friends can browse through profiles and provide suggestions for the primary user. While they can't initiate conversations on the primary user's behalf, the primary user retains the ultimate decision-making power when swiping right.

Tinder partnered with rapper Coi Leray and crowned her the Matchmaking Monarch of Tinder Court.

"Handing your phone over to the friend group was the original vibe check," the rapper said. "Obviously you want your friends to like whoever you're crushing on, and Tinder Matchmaker is a fun way to get the bestie seal of approval even before the match."

The "Friend Test" feature is currently accessible in various countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. It is set to be gradually introduced to Tinder users globally in the upcoming months.

The Tinder dating application is available for free on Android and iOS.

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