Top 5 Tennis Disqualifications in the 2000s

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The world of tennis is known for its moments of brilliance, sportsmanship, and intense competition. However, there have been occasions when the heat of the moment and emotional outbursts have led to dramatic disqualifications. In this article, we'll look at the top 5 tennis disqualifications during the 2000s, highlighting the incidents that left a lasting impact on the sport and its players. These stories are closely related to the world of sports. You can try your hand at tennis betting – go through the Bet9ja registration process and dive into the world of outstanding achievements.

Serena Williams - 2009 US Open

One of the most infamous disqualifications in tennis history occurred at the 2009 US Open during the women's semifinal match between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters. Down a set facing a crucial point, Serena unleashed a profanity-laden tirade at a lineswoman who had called a foot fault against her. The lineswoman deemed the outburst a verbal abuse violation and awarded a point penalty to Clijsters, giving her the match and sending Serena out of the tournament. The incident sparked a major controversy and raised questions about sportsmanship on the court.

David Nalbandian - 2012 Queen's Club Championships

In the final of the 2012 Queen's Club Championships, David Nalbandian was facing Marin Cilic when frustration got the better of him. After losing a point, Nalbandian kicked an advertising board in frustration, which happened to hit a line judge, causing an injury that required medical attention. As a result, Nalbandian was disqualified from the match, handing Cilic the title. This incident not only marred an otherwise competitive final but also led to Nalbandian receiving significant backlash from the tennis community.

Novak Djokovic - 2009 Australian Open

During the 2009 Australian Open quarterfinals, Novak Djokovic trailed against Andy Roddick. Frustrated with his performance, Djokovic smashed his racket in frustration, which resulted in a code violation. However, it was his subsequent comments in a post-match interview that led to his disqualification. Djokovic implied that match officials were biased against him, and this breach of the code of conduct led to his expulsion from the tournament.

Karolina Sprem - 2006 Australian Open

Karolina Sprem's disqualification during the 2006 Australian Open was an unusual and unfortunate incident. During her match against No. 7 seed Anabel Medina Garrigues, Sprem, thinking she had already lost the match, shook hands with her opponent and left the court. However, Sprem had won the first set tiebreaker, and the match was still ongoing. The umpire had no choice but to disqualify Sprem for her premature departure, a bizarre and embarrassing moment in tennis history.

James Blake - 2008 US Open

In the 2008 US Open, James Blake was disqualified in the fourth-round match against Mardy Fish. Blake was serving for the match when he hit a shot that he believed was called out by a linesperson. In frustration, he rushed to the net and confronted the linesperson, aggressively pointing at the mark on the court. The chair umpire, who had already issued a code violation earlier in the match, determined that Blake's actions constituted unsportsmanlike conduct, resulting in a point penalty, which gave Fish the victory. Blake later apologized for his behaviour but acknowledged that his actions had crossed the line.


Tennis disqualifications are rare but memorable occurrences that can have a significant impact on a player's career and the sport's reputation. These five incidents from the 2000s remind us that the intensity and emotion of tennis can sometimes lead to moments of controversy and drama. While players are expected to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship and behaviour on the court, they are also human, subject to lapses in judgment and emotional outbursts. These disqualifications serve as a reminder of the importance of composure and respect in the world of professional tennis, where every action can have consequences beyond the match itself.

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