WhatsApp is Rolling Out Ability to Link Email Address to Account

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WhatsApp is currently implementing an update for iOS users, introducing the capability to link their email addresses to their WhatsApp accounts, providing an extra avenue for account access. In the current functionality, users can log in using their registered phone numbers. The new feature of adding an email address enhances accessibility to WhatsApp, especially in situations where receiving an SMS code for login is not feasible.

The update, identified as WhatsApp for iOS according to WABetaInfo, prompts users to integrate their email addresses with their WhatsApp accounts. A message within the app states, "Email helps you access your account. It isn't visible to others." Upon entering the email address, users are required to input a verification code sent for confirmation.

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To incorporate your email address into your account, ensure that you have the latest WhatsApp version from the App Store on your iPhone. After installing the WhatsApp for iOS update, navigate to the settings menu and tap on Account > Email address to add your email. This feature was previously identified in beta versions for both Android and iOS earlier this month.

Once an email address is linked to the account, users can receive verification codes via email. This becomes beneficial when SMS codes cannot be received due to network issues or technical difficulties. Notably, the phone number remains the primary identifier on the app, and the email address serves as a private conduit for the service to dispatch authentication codes.

As of now, there is no specific information on when this feature will be available to all Android users on the stable channel. However, beta testers on Android have confirmed its availability, indicating an upcoming rollout for Android users.

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