Woman Gets Killed For Posting Wedding Photos On Her WhatsApp Status And Facebook

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An Indian woman has been killed by her spouse for posting their marriage pictures on her WhatsApp status and Facebook.

The deceased, 25-year-old Gayatri, was said to have had a heated argument with her spouse, 30-year-old Praveen, in a hotel room over her posting their wedding photos on her WhatsApp status and Facebook, which later escalated to Praveen strangling her death, a police report said.

According to local media, Praveen who was already married with two kids, worked for Josco Jewellers when he began to have an affair with Gayatri who also happened to work at the same place. However, Praveen's wife stormed their workplace when she knew of the affair, and hell was let loose at the Jewelry outlet.

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To put an end to the affair and completely cut them off, Gayatri had to leave her job as a receptionist, while Praveen who was a driver was transferred to another outlet. But still, the two kept in close contact and eventually got married.

On the fateful day of the murder, Praveen booked a hotel in which he and Gayatri stayed until late in the night when he left, bolting the hotel room door from outside.

The next morning, Praveen phoned the hotel room outside, informing them of Gayatri's death. The hotel management in turn called the police Accompanied by his lawyer, the accused later surrendered himself to the police.

This won't be the first time that we've seen a crazy story relating to WhatsApp. Last month, an Indian woman was killed over fight for her daughter's WhatsApp status. This month, a Saudi Arabian man divorced his wife for blocking him on WhatsApp.

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