8 Best Ways To Get Free Internet And Wifi Near Me

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Our dependence and usage of the Internet have grown over the years. From getting useful information to socializing with family and friends, and even earning a living, you will agree with me that the Internet is gradually becoming a core part of our daily lives.

While the advantages of the Internet are numerous, it's also no news that it has gotten even more and more expensive. But have you ever thought of the possibility that you could get free Internet access? Yes, free Internet access for Android, iPhone, and PC!

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Before we proceed with the post, it might help to check some of our tutorials on how to create configurations to get unlimited free Internet access on any network and also how to get a free working host/SNI list for free Internet access.

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How To Get Free WiFi Internet On Android And iPhone Anywhere

In this article, we will be discussing the top best free Wifi apps for Android and iOS that give free Wifi connection. That is, these apps can be used to get a free Internet connection without you having any data plan or balance. Great right?

I took my time to list and analyze the best free Wifi methods to get free Internet access. Kindly take your time, and go through the list below and save yourself some bucks.

Best Free WiFi Apps For Android And iPhone

1. FreedomPop:

FreedomPop is a wireless Internet and mobile provider that provides talk, text, and data plans at zero cost per month. Users also get to have unlimited Wifi calls for free. 

The service is free to use and signup. However, you get to have limited features and benefits as a free customer compared to those using FreedomPop Internet plans. 

SIM cards are also provided for GSM customers on Android or iOS, alongside 200MB worth of free data every month. Those with CDMA device bought directly from FreedomPop gets 500MB.

You can click here to visit their site, and maybe, you might pop up on some FreedomPop deals.

2. InstaBridge:

Instabridge is a Wifi sharing community that gives users access to over a million free Wifi passwords. Once you download the app, you get to see the nearest places with free Wifi you can access, and as well, walking distance and performance.

The app also knows which Wifi network works, and such, will connect you to the ones that work automatically, and keep you off the ones that don't. Users can as well list their own Wifi to share with family and friends.

Instabridge is also a great companion for travelers. All you need is to download the app ahead of the travel, and then use it when you finally get to your destination and connect to free Wifi.

You can click here to download the Instabridge Wifi app free for Android and iOS.

3. NetZero:

NetZero offers free users some NetZero Internet free access at no cost but for just 10 hours alone per month which is very poor compared to the other list in this article. 

However, those that wish to increase their usage will definitely need to take a look at NetZero plans. There are 3 major subscriptions that users can choose from; Dial-up Internet Access, NetZero turbostream, and Mobile Broadband.

Click here to visit NetZero's website

4. WifiMap:

Just as the name sounds, this tool maps out Wifi locations to give users access to millions of Wifi spots.

Similar to InstaBridge, this free wifi mapping tool is a crowdsourcing app that only keeps getting better as more people use and upload Wifi spots for others to use when they are in that area.

WifiMap has over 100 million free WIfi locations alongside the associated passwords and locations on the map. 

To get started with it, download the app for Android or iOS using the link below. PC users can just access it online from their URL. Next, search in the area that you want to have free Wifi Internet, and you will see the ones that are closest to you. From the results, you can for yourself the ones to use.

Click here to download WifiMap for Android and iOS

5. Wifi Free Spot:

This service is similar to WifiMap and InstaBridge which we've all discussed. This is another directory that will list all the free Wifi spots around a locality. 

From the UK to Canada, the US, Africa, New Zealand, Asia, and more, Wifi Free Spot do list the free Wifi areas on a state-by-state level. Areas listed with free Wifi listed includes car packs, Hotels, McDonald's, motels, Inn, resorts, airports, train station and more.

Visit Wifi Free Spot here 

6. All Free ISP:

This website will give you free a list of free and cheap Internet providers from its database of free Internet access providers. 

To get such information, you will be required to enter your state/province and your local area code. All Free ISP do also provide ratings for each free ISP so that you will be able to compare them and go with the better option. 

Click here to visit All Free ISP

7. Places With Wifi Near Me:

This method doesn't involve any special app for you to make it work. If you live in the city or even in the towns, you might have noticed that there are some places that offer free Wifi access.

These places could be Starbucks, McDonald's, inns and resorts, hotels, motels, the airport, Internet cafe, or even your local library. As per the number of free Wifi spots in your area, you can decide the best spots close to you in which you can pay occasional visits when you run out of data.

8. Avast Wifi Finder:

Avast Wifi Finder gives you free Wifi access from your smartphone anywhere. The app lets you search for available networks in their database of nearly 800,000 networks. However, the more people use Avast Wifi Finder the bigger and better the database becomes.

Click here to visit Avast Wifi Finder or here to download the app

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