WhatsApp Introduces Disappearing Voice Messages

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WhatsApp Introduces Disappearing Voice Messages

In the realm of Meta's messaging apps, the highlight today is the deployment of end-to-end encryption in Messenger. Simultaneously, WhatsApp users can anticipate another valuable addition – disappearing voice messages. This novel feature allows users to send voice messages that self-destruct after a single playback, akin to the "View Once" functionality introduced for photos and videos in 2021.

Designed to bolster security, this feature proves beneficial in situations where preserving information digitally is undesirable, such as planning surprises or sharing sensitive details, like a one-time-use credit card number, with friends or family. Messages adopting this ephemeral characteristic will be distinctly labeled with a "one-time" icon, signaling recipients that the message is accessible only for a single listen before vanishing.

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WhatsApp assures users that these messages, like "View Once" photos and videos, benefit from default end-to-end encryption. Marking a significant stride in privacy, this update aligns with Meta's commitment, as articulated by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a 2019 address, emphasizing safety, private interactions, interoperability, and encryption. Despite a recent step back in Meta's cross-messaging efforts between Instagram and Facebook, the company has fulfilled certain encryption promises, including encrypting WhatsApp chat backups in 2021 and now, the long-awaited end-to-end encryption rollout in Messenger.

The global rollout of WhatsApp's View Once feature for voice messages is underway and will unfold over the next several days. While not immediately visible to all users, this update assures an imminent presence in your app, contributing to an enhanced and secure communication experience.

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