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18 wheeler accident lawyer

Dealing with medical recovery, trucking insurance claims, and potential legal action following an 18-wheeler accident can be daunting. Also, the question of who is liable in a truck accident can be cumbersome due to the many parties usually involved. You would require the expertise of an 18-wheeler accident attorney well-grounded in truck accident laws and regulations to ensure you get fair compensation for your losses.

So how do i get a good semi truck accident attorney near me? Fortunately, technology has made finding legal assistance through various apps easier. 

This article will introduce some of the best apps available for hiring the top truck accident attorney, simplifying obtaining the legal representation you need.

1. Justia lawyers

Features: This directory offers detailed profiles of attorneys, including their education, legal practice areas, and client reviews. Justia also provides valuable, free legal information on truck accident cases.

Operating System: iOS and Android.

Developer: Justia.

Cost: Free to search; Attorney fees are subject to consultation.

Justia provides a free searchable directory of lawyers that clients can use to find legal representation for their specific case needs, such 18 wheeler accident law firms. The platform also offers comprehensive profiles that include an attorney's biography, contact information, client reviews, legal resources, and articles written by lawyers.

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2. Morgan And Morgan

Features: View your case status, see documents your attorney team has shared with you, message your attorney and log visits in your treatment journal.

Operating system: iOS and Android

Developer: Morgan And Morgan PLLC

Cost: Free to search; Attorney fees are subject to consultation.

Morgan And Morgan has some of the best trucking lawyers with 800 trial-ready attorneys and 4,000 expert support team members. This app permits you to track the progress of your case from start to finish. When contacting your legal team through the legal team component, you can send a pre-designed message template based on the most commonly asked questions to get a faster response.

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3. Accident Lawyers Firm

Features: A kit for collecting evidence at accident sites, a locator for emergency services, a flashlight, a comprehensive FAQ section with crucial information on preparing for and managing any vehicular accident, a pain journal, and an expense tracker.

Operating System: Android

Developer: Legal Apps (Phoenix Solutions)

Cost: Free to search; Attorney fees are subject to consultation.

The Accident Lawyers Firm app has everything you might need in an emergency involving a vehicle accident. Additionally, it is the first app to launch a face-to-face video conferencing feature, where clients can chat with a truck accident lawyer face-to-face.

4. Rocket Lawyer On Call

Features: Beyond just a directory, Rocket Lawyer offers legal document services and a feature to ask a lawyer questions. Users can also get a free initial consultation with a commercial trucking attorney in their network.

Operating System: iOS and Android

Developer: Rocket Lawyer Incorporated.

Cost: Free to ask questions and for initial consultations; subscription plans available for ongoing legal services.

Rocket Lawyer offers more than just attorney referrals. This app gives users a complete suite of legal services, including creating legal documents, getting legal advice, and connecting with attorneys. The On Call® feature allows users to contact an attorney quickly, and the platform offers a free initial consultation to discuss their case.

5. LawInfo

Features: The app allows clients to search for qualified truck wreck attorneys and access free legal resources and guides. It also helps users understand the specifics of truck accident law and what to expect when filing a claim.

Operating System: Accessible through any web browser.

Developer: Thomson Reuters.

Cost: Free to search; legal fees are based on individual attorney rates.

LawInfo offers a directory of pre-screened lawyers their peers recognise for their professional achievements. In addition to the directory, LawInfo provides accessible legal guides and resources to help users understand their legal issues before contacting an attorney. The platform is designed to help those needing legal assistance find and connect with the right lawyer. 


Features: offers a searchable directory of attorneys, detailed profiles, client reviews, and a helpful "Ask a Lawyer" feature. Users can also access free legal articles and resources to better understand their situation before hiring an attorney.

Operating System: Accessible through any web browser.

Developer: LexisNexis.

Cost: Free for searching and initial contact; legal fees will vary., powered by Martindale-Hubbell, offers a searchable database of over a million lawyers and law firms. The platform allows users to find attorneys for specific legal issues, such as truck accidents and provides user reviews and peer ratings. also offers free legal information on various topics, which can be especially useful when dealing with complex legal matters.

7. LegalMatch

Features: LegalMatch allows users to present their cases, and interested attorneys respond with an offer of service. It streamlines finding some of the best 18 wheeler accident attorneys with vast experience.

Operating System: iOS and Android

Developer: LegalMatch.

Cost: Free to use; attorneys pay a fee to be matched with potential clients.

LegalMatch is a service designed to match clients with attorneys. Users submit their case details confidentially, and attorneys interested and qualified to handle the case respond. This offers a personalised approach to finding the right attorney, as lawyers who see a good fit will actively pursue the opportunity to represent you.

8. FindLaw's Lawyer Directory

Features: FindLaw is one of the largest online directories of lawyers. It helps you find the best truck accident lawyers by location and practice area. Each attorney profile provides detailed information about their practice, experience, and credentials.

Operating System: Accessible through any web browser.

Developer: Thomson Reuters.

Cost: Free to search; legal fees are arranged directly with the attorney.

FindLaw's Lawyer Directory is an extensive online list of attorneys categorised by legal issues and geographic location. The platform offers a wealth of information for each listed attorney, including their practice areas, years of experience, and any articles or legal guides they have written. This information can help clients feel more informed before making contact.

9. Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator

Features: This app provides access to a comprehensive database of attorneys with detailed profiles, client reviews, and peer ratings. Martindale-Hubbell is well-known for its AV rating system, which can help users identify highly respected truck accident lawyers.

Operating System: iOS and Android.

Developer: Martindale-Hubbell.

Cost: Free to search; attorney fees are negotiated individually.

Martindale-Hubbell has published information about attorneys and law firms for over a century. Its Lawyer Locator service allows users to search for attorneys based on practice area and location. The platform is known for its attorney ratings, including peer reviews and client feedback, providing insights into the attorney's professional conduct and ability.

10. Avvo

Features: Avvo offers a vast directory of attorneys with varying specialities, including truck accident law. Users can search for lawyers by location and read reviews and ratings. Avvo also provides a free Q&A feature for users to inquire and get answers from practising attorneys.

Operating System: iOS and Android.

Developer: Avvo, Inc.

Cost: Free to search and contact attorneys; legal fees vary per attorney.

Avvo functions as a legal services platform, providing attorney recommendations and access to an extensive database of information. Clients can use Avvo to find an attorney by searching for their specific need—in this case, an 18-wheeler accident lawyer. The platform includes detailed profiles for each lawyer, including their biography, areas of practice, and client reviews. Avvo's rating system helps users quickly assess the lawyer's reputation.


When you're involved in an 18-wheeler accident, securing suitable legal representation is crucial to protect your interests and navigate the complex legal landscape that follows. Each app listed provides a unique platform to connect with an experienced lawyer for 18 wheeler accident cases. Whether you prefer comprehensive directories, personalised matches, or additional legal resources, these apps can help you take the first step towards hiring an 18-wheeler accident attorney. Always review the attorney's experience, client testimonials, and ratings to make informed decisions. Note, the right attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Note that each app offers a platform where you can find attorneys with the expertise needed to handle the complexities of an 18-wheeler accident case. They provide various features to assist users in making educated decisions when hiring legal representation. Research and verify the attorney's credentials and experience in truck accident law to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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