Top 8 Apps Every Truck Driver Should Have

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Top 8 Apps Every Truck Driver Should Have

In the digital age, truck drivers can access a suite of apps designed to make their journeys safer, more efficient, and compliant with regulations. These apps cover various aspects of a trucker's life on the road, from navigation to compliance, and even help from putting you and others in the face of danger. Here are the top eight trucking software apps every truck driver should have on their mobile device.

1. Trucker Path

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Trucker Path Inc.

Cost: Free to download with in-app purchases for additional features.

Features: Truck stop locator, parking availability, weigh station status, fuel price information, and route planning.

Trucker Path is a versatile and indispensable app that provides truckers with essential information on truck stops, available parking spaces, fuel prices, weigh station statuses, and more. This innovative app boasts a robust community of users contributing real-time updates, ensuring truck drivers can access the most current and accurate information on the road.

Trucker Path enables truck drivers to effectively plan their stops, optimise their routes, and avoid potential delays at weigh stations. The app's real-time updates on weigh station statuses enable drivers to make informed decisions and navigate their journeys more efficiently. Additionally, Trucker Path helps truckers find the best fuel prices along their routes, saving them on costs and maximising their profitability.

Trucker Path is a valuable tool for truck drivers looking to enhance their travel experience and streamline their operations. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Trucker Path is a must-have companion for truckers seeking to improve their efficiency and productivity on the road.

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2. Waze

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Developed by Waze Mobile, which Google Inc acquired.

Cost: Free.

Features: Real-time traffic updates, community-reported alerts (accidents, hazards, police), route changes, and navigation.

Waze is a community-driven navigation app that offers real-time traffic updates, road hazards, and route suggestions to help drivers avoid congestion and delays. For truck drivers, the ability to circumvent traffic in real-time can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure timely deliveries.

3. Google Maps

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Google LLC.

Cost: Free.

Features: GPS navigation, traffic conditions, route planning, offline maps, street view, and business search.

While not designed exclusively for truck drivers, Google Maps is a comprehensive navigation tool that provides accurate traffic data, route planning, and detour options. It's beneficial for last-mile navigation once off the main highways, although truck-specific routing limitations should be considered.

4. Weigh My Truck

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: CAT Scale Company.

Cost: Free to download; however, scale services vary by location.

Features: Weighing without leaving the truck, payment processing, weight ticket viewing, and CAT Scale location finder.

Weigh My Truck allows drivers to weigh their loads using CAT Scale's network of scales and pay directly from their cab. This app saves time and ensures compliance with weight regulations. Proper weight distribution is vital to safe driving, and this app makes it convenient to maintain.

5. Motive Driver 

truck drivers' hours of service

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Motive Technologies Inc.

Cost: Free to download; service plans for ELD compliance and additional features start at a monthly subscription fee.

Features: Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, hours of service tracking, vehicle inspection reports, GPS tracking, messaging, and document management.

Motive Driver is an electronic logging device (ELD) app that seamlessly tracks truck drivers' hours of service (HOS), ensuring compliance with FMCSA regulations. The app also offers vehicle inspections, GPS tracking, and messaging features, contributing to safer and more efficient operations.

6. Fleetio

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Fleetio.

Cost: Free to download; operates on a subscription-based model with different price ranges depending on the size of the fleet and the features required.

Features: Vehicle inspections, maintenance tracking, fuel tracking, issue reporting, and fleet management.

Fleetio is a comprehensive trucking fleet management app designed to finetune operations and improve efficiency for truck drivers and fleet managers. By allowing users to conduct vehicle inspections, track maintenance schedules, and report issues directly from their smartphones, Fleetio empowers users to stay on top of their fleet's health and performance.

Fleetio's user-friendly interface allows drivers to easily input inspection data, monitor maintenance tasks, and receive timely reminders for upcoming service needs. This proactive approach to vehicle management helps prevent breakdowns and ensures that trucks operate optimally, reducing the risk of accidents caused by mechanical malfunctions.

Fleetio offers robust reporting features and maintenance tracking capabilities, which provide valuable insights into fleet performance and cost analysis. Fleet managers may leverage this data to make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency and mitigate overall expenses.

Fleetio's intuitive design and powerful features make it a must-have solution for modern trucking operations.

7. NOAA Weather Radar Live

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Apalon Apps.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for ad removal and additional features.

Features: Real-time radar images, weather forecasts, hurricane tracking, severe weather alerts, and detailed weather maps.

Weather conditions can change rapidly and impact driving safety. NOAA Weather Radar Live provides real-time weather updates and alerts, enabling truck drivers to anticipate severe weather and plan their routes accordingly.

8. Fuelbook

Operating System: Available on iOS and Android.

Developer: Truck Monk, Inc.

Cost: Free to download with additional cost-saving features available to premium members.

Features: Diesel price finder, truck stop services information, truck repair search, and special offers for truckers.

Fuelbook is an app that helps drivers find diesel prices and stop services. It offers a nationwide database of diesel stations and prices, helping drivers make cost-effective refuelling decisions. The app also includes information on truck stop amenities, which can be helpful during long hauls.


Hiring an 18-wheeler attorney and dealing with trucking insurance after an accident are some of the things that make truck drivers life demanding. Still, accidents can be mitigated with proper tools, and other road challenges can be managed more effectively. These top eight apps provide truckers with the resources to stay safe, compliant, and efficient on their routes. By leveraging technology, truck drivers can reduce stress, improve their performance, and focus on the most critical aspect of their job—safe driving. Whether through better route planning, staying on top of vehicle maintenance, or staying informed about weather and road conditions, these apps are essential for today's trucking professionals.

Note that while these apps are often free to download, some of their functionality may require a subscription to access premium features. Always check for upgrades and latest versions of apps and the developer's website for the most current information on pricing and features.

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