US Police Seizes $7 Million fake Samsung and iPhones

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 The fight for supremacy in the phone market between Apple and Samsung never cease to stop as the two phone giants always try to best each other. The quest to come out top has always led the two dragging each other to the over imitation cases. This time around, the two phone giants have to set aside their feuds and face a much bigger problem which threatens them both.
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 Last week, the NYPD (New York Police Department) seized over $7 Million worth of counterfeit smartphones pretending to be either Apple or Samsung models.
The NYPD seized over 31,000 counterfeit smartphones as well as $71,000 cash in a raid carried out on 203 Highlawn Ave. and 2172 Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn.

 According to the Police, customs agents at the JFK Airport have been noticing suspicious packages coming into the country. The packages aroused the Custom agents and the Police who gathered information for over a period of nine months and then struck at the right time.
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 The huge price tag placed by Samsung and Apple on their products makes those selling counterfeit products yield more. Most people buying smartphones today would settle for a premium device for quite a decent price. In this area, most people would settle for Apple and Samsung and so falling victim to spoofed product won't be difficult since there's hardly a real physical difference from the original.

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