Indian Rail Station Display Board hacked and defaced with Hardcore Porn

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 India is known for so many things, but one thing that seems to be silently making headlines is Porn. Few days ago, commuters at the busy Rajiv Chowk Metro station in central Delhi were shocked when a big LED screen that was meant to display adverts began to play hardcore porn to the audience.

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The LED screen which the porn was display was actually meant for displaying commercials and different advertisements to those who visited the train station. The porn video which lasted for 30 mins was stopped after some commuters alerted the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) officials at the station.

 A video recorded by a witness on social media show some commuters walk past the video while others try to cover the TV as women and children walk away from the scene.

DMRC said the hack came as a result of the failure of the private company who operated the screen not properly securing their WiFi network.

 A spokesman for the DMRC, Mohinder Yadav said that they are trying to identify three suspected individuals involved in the incident, all thanks to the CCTV footage which has helped in singling them out. 

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The Delhi Police has said that they haven't received any complaints from the DMRC regarding the hack. "If the DMRC approaches us after completing their internal probe, we will go ahead with the legal proceedings," a senior police officer said.

Similar event like this also happened at a bus station in Kerala, India where hundreds of passengers witnessed a porn video on a TV that was meant to display commercials.

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