Raid: Free Unlimited Internet Trick On Ncell Nepal

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The Free Internet Raid is still on and we are looking at Ncell free internet trick for Nepal Techfoe readers.
This Ncell trick uses DNS tunneling to access free internet via Slow DNS on Android and TunnelGuru on PC. Configurations for this trick is easy and doesn't demand you to be a geek for it to work. Follow the below settings and enjoy the trick.

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1. Your Ncell Nepal simcard with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device or PC
3. Your DNS Tunneling app -- Slow DNS or TunnelGuru
4. Patience. Theres no rush when it comes to Slow DNS!


1. Click here to download Slow DNS
2. Install the app and the use below settings to configure it:
     User-name: Leave it the way it is
     Password: Leave it the way it is
     Server: select Netherland server or any one thats better
     Select or anything better
     input this yourself because they vary according to users
3. Now you will have to wait for it for some time for it to connect, when it does, enjoy free internet. However, you can use get the modified Slow DNS for free unlimited access internet access or simply upgrade to a premium plan!

 Slow DNS is slow form of browsing because so don't expect a super fast or juicy internet access

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAl purpose! You are responsible for usage of it. Techfoe only drop such post to alert ISP;s of their vulnerabilities.


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  1. But sometime it doesnt connect..

    1. Yes sometimes the connection is not stable... Just use this for now. In time i will create a real trick for you guys. Right now i have some many things at hand.

    2. Thank u very much we people respect you

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