World's Biggest Botnet Re-emerges With New Ransomware Threats

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Its just 13 months after the deadly Mirai malware caused a global havoc, disrupting several internet services around world with its massive DDoS attack. However, cyber security specialists are issuing out warnings of a new cyber-attack, not Mirai this time but from another Botnet called Nercurs spam.

According to security researcher(s) from Check Point, Necurs spam botnet which is putatively seen as the largest in the world is being used to spread a new ransomware threat called Scarab ransomware.

The Scarab ransomware which was first sighted in June 2017, was distributed by Necurs over 12 million times via emails in just one morning during the Thanks giving holidays in the US.

"The re-emergence of the Necurs botnet highlights how malware that may seem to be fading away doesn't always disappear or become any less of a threat," said Maya Horowitz, threat intelligence group manager at Check Point. "Despite Necurs being well known to the security community, hackers are still enjoying lots of success distributing malware with this highly effective infection vehicle."

Other malwares included in the report includes RoughTed, a malvertising program which is seen as the most wanted malware. This malware is used for performing different forms of attacks on different operating systems. The malware utilizes ad-blocker bypassing and finger printing to ensure that it delivers the most suited attack.

 Second on the list to RoughTed is Rig ek. This malware which was first seen in 2014 exploits Flash, Java, Internet explorer and silverlight. Rig ek redirects a victim to a landing page which contains a JavaScript which then scan for vulnerability so as to deliver exploits.

  Also the report were Malware for the Android Operating System. Number one on the list was Triada, a modular backdoor for Android grants superuser rights to downloaded malware. Second in place is Lokibot, an Android banking Trojan which steals user information and then locks the device while demanding for a ransom with threats of leaking the stolen information online.

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