WhatsApp Adds Opi Stickers To Platform For Users To Sneak, Snooze, And Celebrate With The White-Colour Bear

Pappi Hex

WhatsApp has added Opi Stickers to its messaging platform, expanding its sticker collection for an ever-demanding users.

The Opi stickers which is designed by Colombian illustrator Oscar Ospina, the person who brought Opi stickers to Facebook Messenger in 2014.

The stickers features a white-color bear with different emotions and has as many as 30 stickers that for WhatsApp users to "sneak, snooze and celebrate" with the bear.

WhatsApp users on Android and iOS who love to use stickers for expression, can download the new sticker pack by taking the following simple steps.
  • Tap the stickers button from the text input filed on WhatsApp
  • Tap on the add (+) button
  • By now, the stickers section should emerge on the screen where you will search for Opi stickers.
  • Tap on the download button next to the sticker pack (which is 387KB in size) to download it on your Android or iOS device.
WhatsApp brought stickers to its messaging platform in October 2018 with aim to give users a new way to express themselves. The platform currently offers as many as 14 different sticker packs designed by different artists and designers around the world.

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The Facebook owned company also has support for third-party developers to let independent designers and developers bring new stickers that also delivers a personalized experience for users too.

Last week, Facebook announced that it has blocked the pre-installation of WhatsApp, Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram and virtually all its family of apps on Huawei smartphone that hasn't left the factory.

However, Huawei phone users whose device didn't come pre-installed with Facebook or any of the Facebook family of apps will still be able to download the apps and run updates too. Huawei users whose phone came with the Facebook apps too will also be able to run updates too.

The ban on Huawei from pre-loading WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram comes after the US government placed a ban on Huawei, restricting them from buying US tech or even dealing with tech companies from the US. 

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