Jordan Bans PUBG Over 'Negative Effects' On Citizens

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Online battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds also known as PUBG was on Saturday banned in Jordan, citing its "negative effects" it on the kingdom's citizens.

According to a source in Jordan's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the battle royale game which is very popular in the country "had negative effects on its users, which led to its being officially blocked."

Psychologists in the country have repeatedly warned that the game encourages violence and also contributes to bullying among youths.

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Institutions and other bodies in Jordan have issued warnings to employees not to desist from playing the game.

Last year, a young man mistakenly shot his friend with a shot gun while role playing PUBG.
In May this year, an Indian boy died of heart attack after playing the mobile version of the battle royale game for six hours.

Still in India, a young boy committed suicide after his family refused to buy for him a smartphone capable of playing PUBG Mobile.

Jordan isn't the first country to place a ban on the battle royale game. The Indian state of Gujarat and the province of Aceh in Indonesia have also banned the play of the game. In fact, the ban is so serious in India that the Police over there have made a lot of arrests related to the game.

The battle royale has also been banned in Iraq and Nepal. Parents in the UAE too are demanding that the game be banned, citing reasons that it makes students aggressive and also influence the youths negatively.

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