Huawei's New Smartphone Will Go On Sale In Q4 And It Won't Run On Android Either

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Huawei is testing a new smartphone which it plan to release at the end of this year on its own mobile operating system, Chinese state-media outlet Global Times report.

According to Global Times, the Huawei device will run on the company's HongMeng operating system and will be priced around 2,000 yuan ($288.28) to attract software developers and users to join the ecosystem.

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Huawei was banned by the US government and restricted from hiring or buying US technologies. The ban also restricts it from using the Android OS on its smartphones and also the Windows operating systems on its laptops.

The US accused Huawei that its gadgets could be used by the Chinese government for cyber espionage, a thing that Huawei denies and the US hasn't been able to prove.

To stay in business, Huawei came up with the HongMeng operating system as an alternative to Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows. Mean while, the HongMeng OS isn't quite new. Huawei has been working on the OS for years, preparing it as a plan B for events like this.

Huawei has, however, made it clear that it hopes to keep using the Android and Windows OS as the thought of using HongMeng is the last thing it hopes to do.

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Huawei executives have said that the HongMeng OS was primarily intended for the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial use. However, they noted that if they eventually get cut off from Google's supply of Android, the HongMeng operating ystem will be expanded to smartphone business.

Tomorrow, Huawei will release the much anticipated HongMeng OS at Huawei's Developer Conference in Dougguan, South China's province of Guangdong province.

Huawei says the first batch of devices to be equipped with the HongMeng OS will be the Honor Smart TV series.

The HongMeng smartphones will run Android applications and is also said to perform "60 percent" better than the present Android.

According to sources, Huawei's idea of HongMeng is similar to Google's Fuchsia which is based on microkernel that better accommodate artificial intelligence (AI) and can as well run on multiple platforms.

Huawei is also said to have shipped over 1 million devices with the HongMeng OS for testing.

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