US Delay Huawei Android Ban For Another 90 Days

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The US government has given Huawei another 90-day reprieve, extending the Temporary General License (TGL) which it issued back in May. This extension gives the Chinese tech giant more time to continue purchasing goods from US companies.

Though the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Department of Commerce has given a 90-day extension to Huawei, which on normal grounds should quash fears of the US permanenting the ban, the BIS however made it clear that the extra added months were given so that consumers of Huawei products would have time to transit away from the Chinese giant's equipment.

"The continuation of the TGL is intended to afford consumers across the necessary time to transition away from Huawei equipment, given the persistent national security and foreign policy threat," the press release read.

"This license will be effective on August 19, August and last an additional 90 days," the note added.

BIS also said that it had identified 46 more Huawei affiliates "as part of a routine review of all Entity Listings". It said that the 46 Huawei affiliates were the latest to be added to the entity list, a list which already contains over 100 people and organizations connected to the Chinese company.

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"As we continue to urge consumers to transition away from Huawei's products, we recognize that more time is necessary to prevent any disruption," Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross said.

"Simultaneously, we are constantly working at the Department to ensure that any exports to Huawei and its affiliates do not violate the terms of the Entity Listing or Temporary General License," Ross added, explaining the intention behind the 90-day extension.

The US government in May placed a ban on Huawei, restricting it from trading with US firms. The ban meant Huawei wouldn't be able to use Google Android and Microsft OS and as well deal with US chipmakers or any US tech firm.

The reason for the ban was that the Chinese government could use Huawei gadgets and spy on the US. Huawei, however, rebuffed the claims as it said that it wasn't working with the Chinese government, nor were her equipment used a spy tool.

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