Phone Plugged On Over Night Charge Explode Killing Teenager

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Most smartphones these days do come with a feature called auto-cut, a feature whose work is to stop the charging of a battery once its fully charged.

While the auto-cut feature is common among new smartphones, it is not advisable to use our smartphones while it is charging or leave it overnight to charge. Everyday we do find people who make this same mistake. Well, this Asian school girl wasn't lucky.

According to the New Zealand Herald, a 14-year-old girl school girl has died after her mobile phone caught fire and exploded while she was asleep.

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The Kazakhstan girl whose name is Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek is said to have plugged her phone to charge but at the same time was listening to music in bed before she fell asleep. The girl was found dead the next day in the morning.

Local police said they found the smartphone connected to the power socket in the morning during investigation.

The girl is believed to have suffered severe head injuries and died immediately after the explosion. The brand of the smartphone was not disclosed.

In 2016, Samsung was forced to recall all its Galaxy Note 7 device because of a defect in the battery which caused many of the Samsung device to explode while charging. The scrape of that device cost the South Korean electronics giant billions of dollar loss.

Apple too have recorded several number of iPhones that have exploded. Some have been said to explode while it was being charged, another exploded in an 11-year-old girls hand, while another exploded while it was being upgraded to iOS 12.

Some time in 2017, a woman experienced several burns on face, hair and hand as the headphone she wore on exploded mid-air during a flight.


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