US To Extend Two Weeks Reprieve To Huawei To Deal With US Firms

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In May this year, the US government placed a ban on Huawei which restricted the Chinese firm from dealing with US tech firms and as well buy US technologies.

The US Commerce Department gave Huawei a 90-day reprieve which permitted US companies to deal with the Chinese tech company. The reprieve expired in August and another 90-day reprieve was granted to Huawei which is set to expire next week Monday.

News report from Politico claims the Commerce Department is working on granting Huawei a six-month reprieve that will allow US firms to deal with Huawei until May 2020.

However, Reuters say the Chinese firm will get a two-week extension for its license to work with US companies, pending the longer extension which is reportedly in the works but being held back by regulatory hurdles.

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Despite the ban which restricts the Chinese conglomerate from loading Google services on to its new devices (though they run Android), Huawei has surprisingly been recording growing sales.

If Huawei gets the six-months reprieve, it will be able to push software updates to its phones until May 2020. However, it won't be able to push updates to the Mate 30 series and  as well the Mate X because they were certified in May after the US ban.

The reprieve will also make it possible for Internet service providers in rural US to purchase parts and software from Huawei who is the world's biggest maker of telecom network equipment.

When reached for comments, a spokesperson for Huawei said the company does not comment on rumours. The US Commerce Department also declined to comment too.

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