Indian Boy Dies After Drinking Chemical Instead Of Water While Playing PUBG

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An Indian young man has died after drinking chemical instead of water while playing popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on his smartphone, Hindustan Times report.

The young man who was identified as Saurabh Yadav, aged 20, was said to be travelling on a train with a friend to Agra when the incident occurred last week Tuesday.

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The friend dealt in ornaments and was said to carry a chemical used for polishing jewelry in his bag. According to government railway police (GRP), the two friends were carrying identical bags

"The deceased was busy playing PUBG on his mobile phone while travelling. Reportedly, he was so occupied that instead of taking out water bottle, he mistakenly took out the bottle of chemical and drank from it without checking," Vijay Sing, in-charge GRP station, Agra Cantt railway station said.

Sing said that the liquid consumed by Saurabh was used for cleaning and polishing of ornaments.

"It caused deterioration in his health and he collapsed near Morena. Saurabh was dead by the time the train reached the Agra Cantt railway station," Sing said.

This isn't the first PUBG-death related news in India. In November 2018, a man mistakenly killed his friend while role playing PUBG with a shotgun. May this year, an Indian boy died of heart attack after playing PUBG mobile for more than six hours.

February this year, a young Indian boy committed suicide because he was denied from getting a smartphone that was capable of playing PUBG mobile. In another similar event in July this year, a teenage boy committed suicide after he was scolded by family members for playing PUBG mobile.

The battle royale game has been banned in the Indian state of Gujarat. Nepal too have placed a ban on the game for having "bad influence on children" while Jordan also have a ban on the game for having "negative effects on citizens."

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