Week Day Tricks: HTTP Injector Tigo Tanzania Free Unlimited Internet Trick For Straight 6 Months!

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The Week Day free unlimited Internet trick is on and this time we have this free unlimited Internet access for Techfoe readers in Tanzania on the Tigo network. Before then, click here to read and understand the free Internet terms used in this post.

This trick gives Techfoe readers on the Tigo network in Tanzania free unlimited Internet access for straight 6 months. However, there involve some tweaks for it to work. Read below.

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Tigo Tanzania is offering free unlimited Facebook for 6 months to Tigo users that purchase the "Kitochi 4G Smart" feature phone. However, since the idea of this post is to get free unlimited Internet access for twelve months, you won't have to buy the device to get the trick working.

The major requirement for this trick is the IMEI. Any user that wants to get this trick working will have to get the complete 15 digits or maybe 13 digits of any Kitochi 4G Smart device. It doesn't matter where you get the IMEI. You borrow the device from those that have, or you could just go on a window-shopping to any Tigo outlet or any store that has a the device get the digits( you don't have to tell them your purpose because they won't let you have it)

Once you are done with that, you will need an Android device powered by Mediatek (MTK) or Qualcomm SoC. However, I will drop the procedures for MTK devices because these phones are popular in Tanzania. In case you are wondering, phones that are powered by MTK are Tecno, Infinix, Itel, etc, In case you don't know the phone that you are using, Google the spec or check on the phone box to know if its MTK or not.

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When you tweak your MTK device, your ISP be fooled by you and think that you bought the Kitochi 4G Smart device and so give you the free net access when you activate it. Follow the procedures and configure the tweak as seen.

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1. Your Tigo SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. The device IMEI number
3. A Mediatek Android device (MTK) (Qualcomm device uses another process)
4. The IMEI changer app  (Download the Mobile Uncle app)
5. The simple procedures
6. An HTTP Injector app (click here to download)

1. I believe by now you should have gotten the IMEI number.
2. Change the last three digits of the IMEI number to any digits of your choice.
3. Click here to tweak the IMEI on SIM 1 of your MTK phone (scroll down to the part of the post which says Procedures on changing IMEI number)
4. When you are done tweaking, text BURE or FREE to 15166 in a message format, and you will be given free unlimited Facebook for 6 months.
5. Once you are done with everything click here to download the HTTP Injector configuration for free unlimited Internet access.
6. After everything, revert the IMEI back to your original IMEI number (optional).

Anyone that has issues regarding this trick should message me on Telegram with #TigoIMEI and layout the complaint.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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