How To Check Your Internet Speed And Improve It

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You just signed up on Netflix to watch that new series everyone is talking about but your stream keeps buffering, or your friends just called you to join them online to explore the latest PUBG Royal Pass Season but then your slow internet connection won't let you enjoy your gaming experience!

From video conferencing, video streaming, music streaming, web browsing to online gaming, one thing for sure is that a slow internet speed will frustrate your web performance. But then, have you wondered why your internet connection is so slow? There could be a number of reasons, and a good place to start is by checking your internet connection's speed. 

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In this post, I will be showing you how to speed test your internet connection, be it on WiFi or mobile data, and improve the connection speed. First, let's look at a few advantages of running an internet speed test.

Saves time:

There may be times when your internet may seem to be moving slower than normal. However, constant internet speed tests during the day and night will help you to see if there is a pattern to when your Internet speed increases or drops. This information will help you decide the best time to make heavy downloads or uploads, thus saving you time.

Saves money:

Many internet service providers do advertise eye-catching upload and download speeds. However, most of these numbers aren't accurate. A speed test will tell if your internet speed is running slower than your provider promised, and you may be able to save money by changing your plan to the one that reflects the speed you are using.

Determines your speed:

If you have many internet users on your network and do lots of online streaming and gaming and aren't sure if your current speed will serve your needs. You can use speed test to check your internet speed and decide for yourself to downgrade or upgrade. 

Now that we've looked at the importance of checking your internet speed, let's proceed to how to speed test your internet connection on the web and on mobile.

How to speed test your internet using a web browser:

1. Ensure that you are connected to the network that you want to check (be it via ethernet cable or WiFi)

2. Open your browser using your Mac, PC, or mobile device 

3. In the URL bar of the browser type and hit enter to visit the site.

4. Once the site opens, click on "Start Test" to start the speed test.

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How to speed test your internet on Android and iOS:

1. Ensure that you are connected to the network that you want to check (be it via ethernet cable or WiFi)

2. Download the Speed Check app for Android users here and that of iPhone users here

3. Install the app and then open

4. Click on "Test" to start the speed test.

Once you've checked your Internet speed using the above methods and finds it to be slow, follow the procedures below and troubleshoot the slow connection.

When you experience a slow internet connection, it could from either your computer or mobile, router/WiFi or internet service provider.

How to troubleshoot slow internet connection on your PC:

1. Get two PCs and run two-speed tests using the browser method above.

2. When the speed test is done, check if both results are the same. If both results are the same and both appear slow, repeat the process again to be sure that the fault is from your ISP. However, if the result on one of the PCs shows fast internet connection and the other slow, then the fault could be from the PC with slow results and not your ISP.

You can as do this on your PC. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously to bring up Microsoft Windows Manager to check the apps that are running. Right-click on the apps that are consuming your PC resources and aren't needed at that moment and kill their activity.

If the above doesn't improve your internet speed, read on below for the router/WiFi method.

How to troubleshoot slow internet connection on your Android Phone:

1. On your Android device, go to your phone Settings => Connection & Sharing => Data usage 
2. Click on the small double arrow icons and select WiFi. 

From there you can see the apps that consume your data the most. If they are apps that you use constantly then it's okay because the fault should be from your ISP. However, if they aren't the ones you constantly use....or let's say you don't know the apps then there's a high chance that malware similar to the DrainerBot malware is eating up your bandwidth and causing harm to your device.

How to troubleshoot slow internet connection on your Router/WiFi:

  • Restart your router or WiFI to help it refresh. However, ensure to leave it off for about 60 seconds to help cleared up stored data before turning it back on.
  • Where you place your router matter a lot and can weaken the signal when placed in the wrong direction. Avoid placing your router close to signal blockers like thick walls, microwaves, or radios.
  • Ensure that you aren't farther away from your router/WiFi because the farther you are the slower your internet speed. For large rooms, try purchasing a WiFi range extender to spread the signal. 
  • Check your router/WiFi antennas and ensure that they are facing inward for a stronger signal.
  • Always check for the latest firmware on your router/WiFi to help improve your Internet speed.
  • Consider switching your channel from 2.4 GHz WiFi to 5 GHz. The advantage here is that 2.4GHz has 16 channels while 5GHz WiFi has 23 channels.
The above should help fix your Internet connection speed. If it does, you should contact your internet service provider for help.

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