Free Internet Trick Unlimited Data Trick Hack For Android And iPhone

How can I get free unlimited data? Worry no more for I have the written procedures on how to get unlimited data free at no cost.

This free data can be used on Android devices, iOS, PC, and other gadgets. One good thing with this trick is that the free data can be accumulated to an infinite amount, there is no limit to the data that you can get.

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Users interested in this trick don't need to have data, airtime, or a VPN app for it to work. Just follow the procedures below on how to get unlimited 4G data for free to get yours running. This trick is for Techfoe readers on the Ncell network in Nepal.

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1. An NCell Nepal SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
3. Ncell App (Find the link below)
4. The setup

Procedure 1: How To Get Unlimited Data For Free On Android And iPhone

1. Download the Ncell App from the App Store or Google Play Store

2. Open the app and then log in

3. Go to "My Packs" and then click on "Purchase data pack" located at the bottom of the screen.

4. Now click on "FREE 200MB" and then click on "Activate" and then"Confirm" to get the free data at no cost. By now, you will get a pop-up message on your screen that reads "Data Pack Purchase Successful"

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Procedure 2: How to Accumulate the Free Data 

1. Click here to visit the NCell self-care website

2. Login with your details. However, you can register if it's your first coming up on the website.

3. Located the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the screen and then click on it.

4. Click on "Purchase Packs"

5. Swipe right to "My Services". There you will cancel the free data that you've gotten. Once that is done, repeat procedure 1 and then procedure 2 to keep accumulating your data for free! Enjoy.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities so that they can fix them.

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