Zimbabwean Man In Trouble For Bombarding WhatsApp Group With Nudes

Pappi Hex

A Zimbabwean man has been dragged to court for sending pornographic content in a WhatsApp group meant for Motor spare parts business.

Sheldon Patsika, a Physiotherapist at the Chitungwiza Central Hospital, was today charged with distributing undesirable pictures at the Harare Magistrate Court. 

Patsika is accused of sending three pornographic pictures in a Whatsapp group called "Motor Spares", a thing he strongly denies.

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One of the group administrators, Tafara Dube, who came out to testify against Patsika told the court that he complained to the police about Patsika's conduct which led to his arrest.

According to Dube, the group was strictly meant for business and Patsika had no right to post nudes in the group. As a result of Patsika's conduct, other members of the group got annoyed and angrily left the platform. 

Incidents like this are what made many countries come up with different social media regulating laws. While some are less strict, others are so stern that even an emoji sent on WhatsApp could land you in jail.

The trial has been adjoined for April 1, 2022.

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