These 55 Paid Android Apps Are Going As Free Download For A Limited Period of Time

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Our mid-week free app sales are here as a free download for a limited period of time on the Google Play Store.

Today's list of Play Store apps on sale contains 55 apps that cover Play Store categories such as education, games, utility, beauty, family, and more.  In our usual way, the gaming category accounts for the majority of the applications.

But then these apps won't remain free always. As per the time given by the developers of these apps, some android apps on sale will stay free for just a few hours, some a few days, while others will stay free for as long as 7 days.

Any of the Andriod free apps downloaded in their free state will remain that way. That is, you won't have to pay its Play Store fees even when it reverts back to its 'pay before download' status. So take a few minutes of your time and check out the Android apps on sale this week and download as many as you can while they still remain for free.

Free App Sales


  1. Home Workouts No Equipment Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  2. Equalizer Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  3. Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  4. Mandala Maker 360 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  5. Equalizer – Bass Booster pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  6. Equalizer – Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  7. Spelling Check PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  8. Irregular Verbs Test PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  9. Math Connect PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  10. Recce – Planning & Orienting Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  11. Black Crypto-Cloud Mining Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $9.99
  12. Trivia Master – Quiz Games Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.49
  13. Gallery Pro Pay Once Lifetime Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99


  1. Infinity Dungeon! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. Peppa Pig: Sports Day Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  3. [VIP]Missile Dude RPG tap-shot Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  4. MR RACER : Premium Racing Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  5. Timing Hero PV: Retro Fighting Action RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.49
  6. Neo Monsters Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Cartoon Craft Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  8. Wonder Knights PV: Nonstop Action Shmup RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.49
  9. Cyber Fighters: Offline Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  10. Johnny Bonasera 1 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.49
  11. Dungeon Corp. S (Idle RPG) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  12. Superhero War Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Klocki Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  14. Grow Spaceship VIP Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  15. Rogue Hearts Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  16. Dead Bunker 4: Apocalypse Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  17. Sudoku Challenge Offline Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.49
  18. DungeonMon! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  19. Jungle Collapse 2 PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  20. Words All Around PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  21. SLOC – 2D Rubik Cube Puzzle Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  22. Paint By Numbers Creator Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  23. Glidey – Minimal puzzle game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  24. Bottle breaker 3D – real bottle shooting game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  25. Escape Balls :The Premium Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  26. Perfect Fit Block Puzzle Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  27. Surface Trimino: increase the area. Casual game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  28. Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Legend Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  29. Hero’s 2nd Memory : Offline Shooting RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  30. The Wordies PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  31. Murphy Laws Guessing Game PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49

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