Two Murder Suspects Received Beheading Training On WhatsApp

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Two men involved in the killing of a tailor in the Indian city of Udaipur, in a terrorist related attack, are said to have received beheading trainings on WhatsApp along with 30 other people.

Riyaz Attari and Gous Mohammad, are said to have killed a tailor for supporting a politician who sparked global protest over some remarks made against Islam. 

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According to local media, the duo are said to have recorded the incident and later claimed reponsibility for the death in a video posted on social media. The two were, however, arrested by the police.

Investigations carried out by India's National Investiagtion Agency (NIA) revealed that the two were receiving orders from their handlers in Pakistan and were looking to 'do something big'. 

The report also claimed that the men were also members of Dawat-e--Islami, a Sunni Islamic organisation based in Pakistan. The NIA said the organisation has trained over 30 people online, including beheading trainings on WhatsApp. 

Several raid have been conducted and seven peopel have been arrested in connection to the killing.

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