WhatsApp Is Testing Giant Animated Heart Emojis That Will Get Some Users Arrested When Used

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WhatsApp is testing some large animated heart emojis for a future update of the messaging app. And of course, the heart emoji can fetch you 5-years of jail time when used inappropriately. 

Early this year, the Meta-owned messaging app introduced animated heart emojis to iOS users in beta testing. However, for some unknown reasons, the feature got disabled after a few weeks, but the feature has been brought back with Android users included this time.

According to WABetaInfo, this feature is still under development and is not yet ready to be made in beta for Android users to test. However, when this feature gets rolled out, users with it will have all heart emoji characters animated, not minding their colour type. Recipients on the other end will have to enable the feature for them to be able to view the animation.

Emoji reactions are a great way to fill in emotional cues that are missing in typed conversations. The heart emojis can be used to express one's emotions in different ways, with the varying colours giving different heart reactions.

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However, you might want to be mindful of who you send any of these heart emojis to when you happen to be in Saudi Arabia. 

The "red heart" emoji which is also known as the "lover heart" or "heart symbol" is the most popular heart emoji, and it is used for the expression of love, according to emojipedia

However, Saudi Arabia's anti-harassment law regards the emoji as an "explicit expression", and sending it to someone who isn't your partner amounts to a "harassment crime" which could land you 5-years of jail time along with a massive fine.

For now, we don't know when the animated emoji will be available on Android, nor if iOS users will eventually get theirs sometime in the future. But hey, this will save some WhatsApp users jail time pending when the feature eventually gets launched.

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