Is it legal to tunnel your internet connection via VPN or SSH?

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  Tunneling services such as VPN or SSH involves allowing private network communications to be sent across a public network through a process called encapsulation. This encapsulation process hides data sent between two computers systems to go through a network unnoticed.

  This process in a VPN hides the IP address of the user therefore allowing the individual to browse the internet anonymously through a strong encryption. 
 A secure connection is established by a VPN so that outsiders like hackers, Cyber Criminals, Government agencies, Spies, ISP and other groups of online snoopers won't be able to trail your activities.  In a simple sentence, a VPN gives the user a new online identity. Click here to read more on how a VPN works.

 If the above explanation is what a tunneling service does, then is there anything attached to it that should be considered illegal?

 Having the advantage of using a tunneling service to be anonymous online by surfing via another IP has many benefits but at the same time can also be used for  illegal purposes.

 Countries like China, Turkey, Iraq, U.A.E, Belarus, North-Korea, Oman etc have outlawed the use of tunnelers mostly because they don't want their citizens to access banned websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc while others just want to monitor divergent or deviant citizens.

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  In most part of the world, most jurisdictions doesn't have laws against internet tunneling services be it VPN, SSH or whatever similar technology. 

 Things that are putatively seen as illegal when using a tunneling service includes: 
Email and account hacking
Spamming in any way
Child Pornography
Spreading of virus, worms, trojan or any malware.

Do you fall among the above listed category when making use of a tunneler? Do you think there's other things that i missed out in the post? Kindly comments below!  

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