Earphone In Use Explodes Killing Indian Owner Instantly

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A man in the Indian state of Rajasthan has died after the earphone he wore exploded while listening to music.

The deceased, Rakesh Kumar Nagar, 28, was listening to music with the earphones in his ears when the incident occurred. According to local reports, Rakesh was working on his laptop while also listening to music via his earphone when the light went out.

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However, when the light returned back, the earphone exploded causing a loud sound. The noise attracted people who rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

The assumed cause of the explosion could have been a result of a bad-quality assembly and/ or a possible power surge that can occur after an outage.

Also, the brand of the earphone involved wasn't reported, some say the device was a cheap "local" brand usually sold at gas stations and other small retail outlets. However, such an incident doesn't occur only with budget options that do not meet the safety standards, but also expensive ones too.

Sometime in 2017, a woman's Beat headphones exploded while on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, burning her face, hands, and hair. 

We've also seen similar incidents that involved power surges killing the victims via the exploded electronics. In 2019, a 14-year-old Kazakhstan girl whose phone was plugged on overnight charge caught fire and exploded, killing her instantly.

The girl is said to have plugged her phone to charge, but at the same time was listening to music in bed before she fell asleep.

A month later that same year, a 22-year-old man from India also died as a result of his smartphone which exploded while plugged to charge overnight.

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