Hacker who Knocked out a Million routers arrested by the Police at the airport

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 The British Police have arrested a suspect in connection to last year Novembers massive attack on Deutsche Telekom which knocked out over close to a million routers.

  Last year November someone launched a massive attack on Deutsche Telekom, knocking out over 900,000 routers which affected the telephony, television and internet service in Germany. 

According to the Germany's federal criminal police force (BKA), a 29-year-old British suspect was arrested on Wednesday 22 Feb, 2016 at the Luton airport by the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA). German Police from the city of Cologne identified the suspect and then issued an international warrant arrest.

 In a statement released, the German Police said that the last year attack was carried out to compromise home routers so as to enroll them in a network of hijacked machines (Botnet) and to offer their DDoS services for hire in the dark web markets. 

 The attack on Deutsche Telekom was deemed to be a threat to Germans national communication infrastructure and thus got the BKA involved in the investigations. The 29-year-old suspect who is accused of masterminding the attack would be extradited to Germany and charged with computer sabotage and could face up to 10 years of jail term if convicted.

Last year, someone released the Mirai source code and shortly hackers employed the use of the malware to cause alot of service interruption, bringing down top top sites and leaving a huge part of the internet in the dark. For those still wondering what the Mirai malware is all about, Mirai is an IoT malware that scans for insecure IoT devices like the routers, DVRs, and so many other IoT devices which it then enslaves them to launch DDoS attacks with the aim of knocking the victims site or server offline. 

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