All Regions Free Unlimited Internet Raid 3.0 Update May 2018

Pappi Hex

Its the month of May and as I said last month, this month we are supposed to carry out a free unlimited internet trick raid across many regions.

Regions that we are to focus on includes Cameroon, New Zealand, Turkey, Ethiopia, Zambia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and dozens of other regions. In fact we planned to create a general trick that will work on any ISP and will only need a little modification to so as to conform to the network it will be applied on.

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This method is a very tricky circumvention technique that is based on HTTPS to hide the remote endpoint of a communication. I wish i could explain here how it works but i can't so as to keep it safe from being blocked.... wait, did i say blocked? LOL your ISP won't be able to block it.... or lets say they might be able to do it but not without disrupting their own services. The fact is, your ISP won't be able to sniff out the traffic talk more of blocking it.

This technique that i have just explained is still in the making ... i mean its out there already but we are modifying it to suite another purpose. However, as you all know, all the tricks that i post here are for educational purposes and if your ISP demand that i don't post any stuff of such then i will simply do that.

 For now, we will use the normal data harvesting method for the next raid. If you got stuff, kindly hit me up on Telegram Please no frivolous stuff. And before i round up, apologies to those who i have replied to their queries... i don't intentional do it. Sometimes my in box is just too full for me to respond to at that moment.

I will give you guys special hash-tags on Telegram when you message. Anytime you see that special hash-tag assigned to you on the Telegram channel, simply hit me up at that moment because by then i will be ready to attend to your queries.

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