All ISP Free Unlimited Internet Trick On HeaderTun VPN

HeaderTun is a free lightweight VPN app that tunnels users online connection via an encrypted channel so as to protect them.

For those who don't know, VPN stands for virtual private network. Now a virtual private network creates a secure connection via a tunnel while users are connected to the Internet. It hides the IP address of the user and then assigns it with a different one for the user to browse the Internet anonymously through a strong encryption.

The strong encryption provided by a VPN protects the user from hackers, cyber criminals, government agencies, spies, online snoopers and different forms of online threats.

Now back to the topic of the day. HeaderTun VPN hails from the same family with SecureTun VPN and AnonyTun VPN, and at the same time offer same level of protection for users but via different protocols.

Just as i said in the post for SecureTun VPN, these tunneling apps are to offer users online protection but can also be configured to access free Internet on any ISP network.

HeaderTun VPN supports HTTP Header and has the capability to use its inbuilt features to provide provide you with free Internet access by bypassing your ISP firewall (that is if the the tunneling app is properly configured).

I have written different tutorials that will help you in getting free Internet access on your ISP network network. However, those who read the tutorials usual follow the right steps and also have the correct configuration but then they make the mistake of using the wrong tunneler for the job.

The protocol used when making these configurations matters alot. For example, HeaderTun VPN uses the TCP protocol only and so only configurations that is based on TCP alone will work on it, if you apply the same configuration on a VPN such as SecureTun the configuration won't work because SecureTun uses SSL alone and so vice versa.

However, if the configuration accepts both Protocol, it will work on both tunneling apps. This is one of the major reasons why most people using XP Psiphon find it difficult to get a working trick even with the right configurations.

HeaderTun VPN is a nice tunneling app which is focused on TCP alone which is a good thing because uses won't get confused. On the other hand, SecureTun too is focused on SSL alone which is also good. The best advise for users working on free Internet config is to get both tunnelings apps so as to test their config on both Protocols if hey aren't sure.

I will be dropping some free Internet tricks in some hours time so as to give you guys insight on how its done. For now, click here to download HeaderTun and here to download SecureTun too. We might embark on a free Internet Raid soon.

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Note: This Post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your usage of it. Techfoe only drop such to alert ISP's of their vulnerabilities.

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